Big is sometimes better

The sheer size of truck adverts demand attention, combine this with the usually blank or dull trucks on the road and you're on to a winner. Own the road!

Time to be different and stand out from the crowd

Trucks reach an audience missed by traditional outdoor adverts and commercial radio, The country’s commuters. We reach them on the UK’s motorway and major road system which is is one of the most densely populated road networks in the world. Such a heavily populated road network makes an ideal advertising space, the stop and start nature of traffic during peak times is ideal for getting your advert up close to your audience.

Still not convinced? The Guardian reports that of the 2,500 adverts we see each day, 99% of them fail to make an impact yet truck advertising has an incredible 97% recall rate (3M Case study, 2011). Shouldn’t you be considering truck advertising for your next campaign?

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Our trucks offer a range of formats, from the full wraps down to guerrilla marketing stickers and everything in between.

Full Wrap

The best of both worlds, two massive branding spaces and the extended dwell time of the rear.

Rear only campaigns

Incredible dwell time for following motorists which can accommodate longer copy. Ideal for product placement or “action statements”.

Truck advertising doesn’t have to be national, we are able to run campaigns across cities. We’re even happy to look and see what coverage we can find you.



Along a specific route 

Across cities 


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Those with a higher disposable income are more dependant on the cars. National Travel Survey, DFT.

66% of employees commute by car. Road Usage Statistics, DFT.

60% of vehicle owners are male. DLVA.

Average Occupancy Rate, 1.6 per car. DFT.

Typical demographic category of  driver or passenger: ABC1

Accountability and Reporting

Every campaign has  GPS reporting as standard, this had a unique log in for your campaign so you can see instantly where your trucks are and they have been. Information from this will be used to create a week by week tracking report.  Upon launch each trailer will be photographed too.


Unlimited design revisions  is included as standard in all our campaigns, even if you choose not to include design we can assist in making your design as effective as possible, increasing your ROI and response.

Cleanliness and Maintenance

Everyone of our campaigns are monitored for cleanliness, Driver Behaviour and condition, so you can relax  safe in the knowledge that your campaign looks it’s best all year round. Cleaning is performed at a minimum once a fortnight or after an away day (When the truck is away from the yard for 2 days on the trot).

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