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The 2025 Switch Off

What is the 2025 switch off?
BT have announced that in 2025 they will permanently switch off the UK’s old analogue telephone networks (ISDN and PSTN). This will shift communications digitally and calls will be routed over internet-based technology known as VoIP or IP.

Why is this happening?
Technology has evolved radically, particularly in the last ten years. Both traditional networks can no longer deliver the volume or quality of voice data needed in our ever-increasing digital reliant world.

What you need to do next.
Now is the time to start looking at VoIP solutions as both legacy networks have already started to be phased out. As of Sept 2023, you will no longer be able to install or add lines to existing ISDN or PSTN services.
You may not be aware but many of your non-voice business services may also be reliant on these traditional phone networks for functionality. Just some of these services include door entry systems, lifts, alarms, CCTV and portable chip and PIN machines.

How can we help?
Please contact our specialist team today if you have any questions regarding the ISDN and PSTN switch off.
Aonix Limited will support you in this transition and help your business plan for the future.

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