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The dawn of the Super High Street 

In order for retail businesses to be able to stay successful in an extremely crowded, ruthlessly competitive marketplace, it is increasingly necessary to be able to communicate directly with consumers; to provide them with personalised, time relevant special offers and recommendations. You can use SMS to keep customers up to date on the latest promotions, product launches and news in store and online.

SMS saves on your newsletters, printed materials, magazines and radio advertisements expense because the cost of retail SMS is remarkably lower. The best thing about SMS marketing is that it reaches your target market and you see instant results.

The data collated into the infographic below illustrates the demand from consumers for regular communications from retail businesses; in London alone, 250,000 consumers who have already opted in to receive communications from retail businesses would choose to receive them on a weekly basis.

SMS in Retail

Retail promotions and voucher codes

The most obvious – and perhaps most common – use for SMS in the retail industry is to inform customers of new promotions. Discounts and attention-grabbing offers are part and parcel of most shop-owners’ strategies, but even the most drastic price-cuts will fail if people don’t know about them. With the help of SMS, though, businesses are able to easily spread the word about upcoming sales, whether in-store or online.

If the offer is available online, it’s possible to go a step further by actually sending promotional voucher codes to shoppers. This is a particularly effective way of improving engagement and loyalty among your audience, as it makes each recipient feel as though they’re receiving something of value, instead of just being given access to information that might be readily accessible to everyone.

SMS receipts

In our digital age, receipts shouldn’t need to take up valuable wallet space. SMS is the instant solution. Most people carry their phones around with them wherever they go. If a loved one needs to return a gift, customers can simply fire over the digital receipt via SMS.

Sure, you may be thinking that some retailers are already sending digital receipts via email. But as a customer, scrolling through my emails for a receipt is arguably just as frustrating as rummaging through your house looking for a paper one. Plus, if a shop has poor network coverage or no Wi-Fi, customers might not be able to access their email account in the first place.

Consumer data


Whatever you’re trying to achieve with your SMS campaign, data should be an ally. SMS surveys are an affordable and convenient way to reach your customers, with a proven high response rate and can provide a large volume of data.

Loyalty Cards


Track and reward multiple actions or purchases with SMS loyalty cards. Offer the fifth coffee free, or extend a discount after multiple visits to encourage repeat custom. SMS loyalty cards are always in the customers’ pockets, replacing paper and plastic alternatives.



End long customer enrolment queues. Promote keywords, shortcodes and longcodes in-store and allow customers to instantly sign up for the membership program via SMS.

Faster to market


Cut the technology turnaround time. Allow your marketing and creative teams to quickly create mobile landing pages on our platform to push out time-sensitive special offers.

Especially for you


Mark the special events of shoppers and send them personalised offers for a birthday or anniversary. Let them know when their favorite brand has new stock, send monthly reward point notifications and more by integrating your CRM



Allow your franchises to conduct their own SMS campaigns while centrally managing purchases and locking down message templates using our multi-user accounts.

Grab them online


Use SMS to garner new website visitors and ease their end-to-end shopping experience.
Send them attachments such as product flyers and web URLs on delivery status via SMS.

Shopper feedback


A good day or a bad-hair day? Track customer experience and your service quality by gathering instant feedback from shoppers through a survey sent via our platform.