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82 percent of travel and hospitality companies believe mobile messaging has a “considerable” or “major” impact on the ability to increase revenues

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Hotels and Guest Houses can use SMS for many different reasons. From pre-visit messages, informing about late availability to offering your local customers rewards. You can directly send offers and discounts to your customers' mobiles no matter where they are or they are or what they are doing, they can then read it at their own leisure. You can draw customers by sending messages to your target audience.

Send messages to follow up on your customers that just left thanking them for their visit and wishing them safe journey.


This extended customer service can prove to be really beneficial for your business.

Promotions and voucher codes

The most obvious – and perhaps most common – use for SMS in the accommodation industry is to inform customers of new prices and promotions. Discounts and attention-grabbing offers are part and parcel of most accommodation strategies, but even the most drastic of renovations or price-cuts will fail if people don’t know about them. With the help of SMS, though, businesses are able to easily spread the word about upcoming changes, sales, new offers, new rooms. 

If the offer is available online, it’s possible to go a step further by actually sending promotional voucher codes to guests. This is a particularly effective way of improving engagement and loyalty among your audience, as it makes each recipient feel as though they’re receiving something of value, instead of just being given access to information that might be readily accessible to everyone.

Welcome Messages

As an alternative to leaving notes in a guest’s room, hotels could send welcome messages via SMS saving time, resources while being personalised.

Reservation Confirmations


When a guest places a reservation over the phone or online, using our SMS service you could send a text message to the guest with all of their booking details and information.



Use our SMS to automate and streamline the checkout process. Instead of slipping invoices under the door or requiring guests to use the service desk on the morning of checkout, SMS checkout messages can be sent with very little hassle.

Concierge Services

Rather than having to wait in line at the service desk or place a phone call, SMS provides a direct line to concierge via a short code and keyword. 

Hotel Menus in advance


Mobile web pages built in your account are specifically designed for the small screens of mobile phones. This means you can design and build your page in confidence, knowing that they will render correctly on mobile devices. The useful preview function in the our online platform allows you to see how your mobile web page will render in both Android and iOS phones while easily add your logos, colours, images and wording to your mobile web page.

Automatically attach your mobile web page to any guest bookings to allow them to see in advance your house specials, your full menu, wine lists or even room service. You can create this to represent you and any changes you make today will automatically reflect in any past links you have sent out ensuring your guests are always up to date with your latest menus no matter when they received their booking.