Mobile messaging for schools and colleges

According to an article on the BBC website, sending text message reminders for tests and homework can boost secondary school pupil’s maths grades, as much as the equivalent of an extra month of tuition.

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If you work in the education system, it’s an unfortunate aspect of the job that the communications infrastructure can have the potential (as in many industries) to let you, parents, and children down; someone will always show up on an inset day; a few parents always miss parent-teacher night; there will always be a few empty seats at the school play… but what if there was a more effective way to communicate with parents and teachers? Emails are too easily ignored; letters are too unreliable and slow to arrive.

Aonix Limited's UK SMS and international messaging services offer the answer! With delivery in 5 seconds and an open rate of over 98%, text messaging is the quickest and most cost-effective way to pass information on to students, parents and staff. Hundreds of schools, colleges and universities around the country are already using our comprehensive range of services to push out newsletters, closure alerts and deadline reminders. But these examples are just the tip of the iceberg, read on to see what your school could achieve with SMS.

Emergency updates and alerts

Bad weather forcing the school to close? Let everyone know as soon as possible with instant SMS communications.

Updates on the go

Inform parents of school trip delays with the Messenger app allowing mass messages to be sent on the go.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

With SMS messaging it offers the school the opportunity to communicate directly with the parents informing them about these meetings and when they will take place.

Attach newsletters and other communications

Save letters from being lost in the bottom of school bags and keep your students and parents up to date with SMS attachments

Gather feedback

Surveys can be used after events to get opinions but also can be used for the schools annual survey to add to Ofsteds reporting. With a high opening rate and an easy way to complete you would expect a higher return rate.

Deadline reminders

Remind your students of upcoming assessment deadlines and exam dates by text message and it’s good to let the parents and students know that help is available if needed. 


It’s a great way of informing parents if their child has not arrived at school . The parents may already be aware of  this but it is a great way to keep communication open between both parents and teachers  

Automatic text sends

Integrate Aonix Limited Messenger with your school’s database to send automatic alerts and reminders for unauthorised absences, trips, cancellations, etc.

Student Support

Bullying, harassment and upset affect students in many ways. Given that many will have a phone they could text a dedicated support key word to receive support and guidance as sending a text may be easier than initially asking for help.

Student Information

A new school or college can be scary, often when starting the ‘newbies’ are unaware of surroundings and may get lost . SMS can be used to send text alerts to these students with a link to a map and time tables, this way the students will be able to easily access this information.

Event Reminders

Parents  can be reminded about School shows that are taking place, any fundraising events or cake sales that may be going on in the school , reminders for no uniform days , any masses or other events taking place during the school year.

Event Tickets

When there are almost 2 mobile phones per actual person in Britain why not use SMS to send out event tickets for school balls, shows, trips and these can be scanned easily to confirm validity saving time, printing costs and administration.

Get Results back for your Ofsted Survey

SMS surveys are an affordable and convenient way to reach parents, with a potential to improve return rates. The reporting functions in the platform allows you to view and export your results, so your data is always accessible. You don’t need any developer skills to create them, simply configure your survey within our online platform.

  • Send out your annual survey

  • Customise it with your school logo

  • Completed via the mobile phone

  • Ask as many questions as needed

  • Download an Excel report of results

  • Only permits one survey per mobile number

  • Get realtime access to incoming data

Mobile SMS Survey

Create School Landing Pages

Mobile web pages make your SMS more attractive and engaging, and can contain much more information than traditional SMS. Sent out with a text message you just link in your landing page for readers to open up.


Using the platform you can easily add your logos, colours, images and wording to your mobile web page just as you would putting images and words into a PowerPoint or Word document. This helps you maintain your brand in your SMS, keeping it consistent with your other channels and delivering a more unified experience to your parents and student.

Mobile SMS Landling Page

School event tickets

Planning a school disco or a festival for parents? This now couldn’t be easier with the option to add tickets to your Schools SMS service.


Manage event entry, monitor attendance or use mobile tickets to validate any user-specific action. Each mobile ticket contains a unique code, bar code or QR code, with once-only redemption to manage activity.


Codes are unique and can only be redeemed once, making them ideal for sending as one-time passwords, and also lowering the likelihood of fraud and redistribution.

Mobile SMS Barcode

School Short Code

Short numbers are 5-digit numbers, such as “60777”. Short numbers can be used in marketing materials, online ads and anywhere else your pupils, staff or parents might see them. These numbers are quick and easy for people to use and remember.

Short numbers are an easy way of getting people to text you to join an offers list or voice their interest in your business.


Text: SCHOOL BROCHURE and your email address to 60777 to receive a copy of our school brochure direct to your phone and email address


Text: SCHOOL DATA and your child's name, your name, address and contact number to 60777


Text: SCHOOL PARIS TRIP and your child's name and your email to 60777 to receive a breakdown of the school Paris trip plans and times