Hello, How is it going?

Hello from all the team at Aonix. We hope that you and your business are performing well during these hard times. Remember, we’re here for you. That is what today’s post is all about!

Are you and your company looking for a solution that allows you to effectively communicate and work from anywhere providing you have an internet/data connection? Look no further than our newest solution, Wildix!

Wildix is the World’s First Browser-Based Unified Communications and VoIP PBX. This essentially means that the solution can work without any handsets/Physical cellular devices. However, if you are looking into a solution like this, but do require handsets or physical cellular devices, they can be easily integrated into the solution that we tailor to your exact requirements.

That moves us onto our second major benefit of Wildix, that it can be easily tailored to a business of any size, big or small. So, do not worry if you are a company of 5 people, or 5000 people. We CAN provide a solution for you. This also goes for the licensing. If you tell us exactly what each user needs, whether it is a single device or 10 devices, we can tailor each user to a personal level!

Another benefit of Wildix, is that you can get a feature called “Collaboration”. Collaboration is essentially a tool which allows businesses to effectively hold meetings with their employees no matter the location. We ourselves at Aonix, absolutely love this feature. It is what we use to hold our daily conferences, meaning we have been able to keep our business running smoothly and effectively.

Along with all the web-based benefits of Wildix, they also have some fabulous handsets available. See the pictures below

The WP410, the basic office phone
The WelcomeConsole, Every Receptionist's Dream

The Vision, The future of Deskphones

The Device on the left is essentially your basic office phone that covers the average employee’s needs. It will allow you to make calls, take calls and essentially keep the workflow going as normal. The middle device is known as the vision, and the vision is virtually a tablet with an office phone built into it. It operates on an android-based operating system, and can should be utilised like what it is, a tablet. There is also a Super-vision model, which is a larger version of the vision. Finally, the device on the right is known as the WelcomeConsole. This is the phone that a receptionist would use, as it allows the user to monitor a high number of colleagues and allows the user to manage high volumes of calls.

In our opinion, at Aonix we believe that Wildix is currently the world’s best hosted solution, and we are really excited to be working with them, helping to provide YOU with the best solution for your business.

Like what you see? Get in touch with our team below today, to set your business up for the future!

Phone: 0345 612 6649

Email: sales.desk@aonixlimited.com

Thanks for Reading!

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