Why Use Music on Hold in Business?

Customers are the most important and number one aspect to any business and without customers a business wouldn’t exist, so their satisfaction is essential. It can be necessary though to sometimes place a customer on hold particularly during busy periods, and that can have a negative impact.

It’s beneficial to make their wait as content as possible.

keep callers engaged

Music, voiceovers, night messages and auto attendants reassure callers and makes them feel that they haven’t been forgotten about. There are other beneficial effects too:

Alters time perception. Studies have shown that callers who listened to music through a 30-second wait believed they’d only been on hold 15 seconds. Callers placed on hold without music felt that same 30-second wait lasted much longer—90 seconds.

Mood management. Music has the power to soothe or irritate a caller. That’s why it’s so important to pick the right song for your hold music and your callers won’t mind the wait time so much.

Building your brand. Understanding your audience will also help you identify what hold music is most relevant to your customers and will boost your credibility amongst them.

It makes you look more professional. Your business telephone line, should immediately be recognised as a pathway to professional service. When you place your callers on hold and they hear music, this is the impression you give.

It reduces hang-ups. If the music and message you are playing is worth listening to customers will often wait and don’t feel that their time is being wasted.

Boost Sales. Promotional messages, new products, new services or up and coming event messages can engage a customer without even speaking directly to them. Hold time doesn’t have to be wasted time it can be another arsenal to your business.

We still see companies taking up music and message on hold but opt for a more DIY approach. DON’T! for 3 important reasons; copyright infringement, piracy, and theft. Many businesses still face these serious and unfortunate charges after illegally playing unlicensedMusic on Hold.

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