Is Windows Mobile Dead and Buried?

Joe Belfiore presenting Windows mobile keynote. Source : Microsoft News Center

At the end of August, UK based phone manufacturer Wileyfox announced their new Windows 10 handset developed and released at the request of Microsoft. Just over a month later, Joe Belfiore, Microsoft's Corporate Vice President of Operating Systems announced that Microsoft are no longer focusing resources on developing Windows mobile.

Basically, anyone running OS on their device is highly unlikely to see any further updates and features (Microsoft will continue to fix bugs and provide security updates for now) and Microsoft will not be developing any more devices to bring to market with Windows 10 as the native operating system.

Even though Microsoft intended for users to be able to run universal applications on their PCs and mobiles they have struggled to gain traction in the marketplace. By failing to sign app developers in to produce these universal applications Windows 10 accounted for 0.03% of the global mobile marketplace in the quarter April - June 2017. Another potential reason for the decline in Windows phones is that the majority of windows applications (including Outlook, the complete Office suite and even business admin center are all available on Android and iOS). The fact that these are available to download on devices with a much higher variety of applications than available on Window 10 phone OS begs the question, why would someone purchase a windows phone?

In a final crushing blow for Windows phones, it actually appears that both Belfiore and Microsoft founder Bill Gates have made the switch to Android already. Surely, this is the final nail in the coffin of Windows mobile? If Tim Cook announced he was using anything but an Apple device, the market would lose faith in the products Apple was bringing to market.

If Microsoft were planning on no longer developing for Windows mobile, the question is, why on earth would they encourage Wileyfox to spend their time and resources on producing a Windows phone that would come to market after the operating system's death toll rang out.

What is your opinion? Is Windows mobile OS dead and buried? Are there any reasons you'd consider buying a Windows mobile instead of an Android or iOS device?

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