Ways to Reduce Business Energy Costs

Aonix Limited have launched our new Energy Brokerage website, but switching providers isn't the only way you can save money. Read on to find out more.

Saving energy makes good business sense. Not only is conserving energy good for the environment, but it’s also good for your bank account.

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When it comes to saving money at your business, every little helps. Ensuring your business is as energy efficient as possible to save money on energy bills can make a huge difference over a very short period of time. Making your business more energy efficient may not mean spending a huge amount of money, but could save a significant amount of money on business energy costs.

Below are some few effective ways for increasing energy efficiency in your business :

Be energy efficient with your products

Purchasing efficient products is one of many simple ways to reduce your energy bills. Change in the way you light your building, replace old electrical appliances such as PC's, printers, refrigerators, microwaves and other appliances as a newer more efficient product use less energy in comparison to older ones.

CFL and LED lights consume less power and offer much longer lifespans. Commercial lights changes can reduce energy consumption by up to 75% and increase your fixtures lifespan by 2-3 times.

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Reduce standby/vampire power

Many of the appliances which include PC's, televisions, lamps as well phone chargers can continue consuming energy even when it is in off mode or when your phone is not connected. You should unplug those appliances when not in use as this will save energy and reduce your electricity bill by up to 20%. You should attach them to a surge protector & turn them off when you are not using it or unplug them completely. This is one effective way to increase energy efficiency.

The hibernate feature in laptops and desktops allows you to save your existing work as it is and you can continue from the same point the following day. Schedule your workstation to switch to hibernate mode after working hours and during weekends.

Turn down the thermostat

Most businesses turn on heating during the cold months without knowing that up to 30 percent is escaping through the windows. To save this energy, businesses can install energy efficient windows to minimize heat transfer. During summer, these windows can also reduce heat transfer into the building minimising the need of air conditioning.

A programmable thermostat has the capability to automatically adjust the temperature of your workplace when no one is working. Less air conditioning can result in significant savings for your business.

Block out those drafts.

Business insulation doesn’t get as much attention as a home. Ensuring your business is properly insulated and taking steps to reduce drafts can help lower your monthly business energy bills. Automatic doors in high-traffic areas of your business can also help to keep the heat in and cut your energy costs.

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Working from home.

Give employees an option when possible to work from home. With cloud based technology and VoIP phones, an employee can connect to office network and securely. With less employees in office, less lighting and cooling would be required. Technology gives employees advantage of flexible work arrangements.

Keep on top of your contracts.

One of the easiest ways to save money on business utility bills is to ensure that when your contract is up for renewal you shop around for the best deal available for your business needs. Brokers like Aonix Limited can be a great business asset for shopping around as brokers can go to market and tender to all the suppliers to get the best price for your business. Ensure which ever broker you opt to use isn't charging you for the service and that they are independent from the energy suppliers to get the most competitive price for your company.

A huge amount can be saved on business energy costs by switching energy suppliers, even more if you are currently paying "deemed" or "out of contract" rates. Most business owners don't realise that they can re contract their business energy supplier up to 8 months before the end of their current contract, ensuring then that they don't get rolled over onto a new more expensive contract by their current supplier. Shop around when your contract is up for renewal and make sure you get the best deal available at the time by comparing business energy suppliers.

Want to know more? Visit our new energy broker website at www.aonixenergy.com

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