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So, after deciding to run a marathon last year, not understanding what the task was ahead, you start to look at how I can get myself motivated enough just to get my backside out of the door. Nobody likes having to go out into the cold, wet UK weather and start the long and arduous task of putting in the miles, but there is lots of help out there.

Firstly, we need to find a way of monitoring what I was actually doing and using a mobile device seemed the most natural way of starting. There are lots of apps out there that can not only give you a plan - because I didn't have a plan and still thought I was in my 20's which, of course, I'm not. The most popular ones for beginners are the Couch to 5 Km. These start off slow and gradually build up the distance over a period of time so after 9 weeks you should be able to run 5 Km (3 Miles approximately). These apps then let you track your progress month by month.

My Monthly Activity Distance Tracked via a popular running application on my nobile device.

You've then got to get over the fact that if you're running alone it's boring, so you'll want to listen to some music. There's nothing like listening to some motivational tracks to get the legs moving - again this is on the mobile device. You soon realise as well that running with a corded headset is not the answer (you'll be glad that you've got a case on your mobile after you have caught your arms in the cable) so the next investment is then a Bluetooth/Wireless headset which again connects to the mobile device.

Once you are up and running we naturally start to brag about our achievements on Social Media, which then alerts you to other people going through the same as you. The next stage is meeting up with these runners so you are now running in a group, all of which contact each other in a group messaging service, which as you guessed, is accessed on the mobile device. Your group of acquaintances then become friends who introduce you to other people who end up being friends as well.

What I have been describing in my personal life is Unified Communications. Its all about using a single device, in this case a mobile to provide me with information, motivation, entertainment and contact through a single device.

We do this everyday in our personal lives without even thinking and yet when it comes to our professional life we dismiss this without any thought. We assume that the phone on the desk is for talking, the PC is for email, and documentation with the possibility of handling a customer database management system, and the mobile is for being contacted whilst we are away from both. What we neglect to do is apply all the best practices used in our day to day life in what will be for most of us the longest part of the day.

Why don't we look to integrate the phones with the PC's with the mobiles and take our customers with us wherever we are. We are able to provide users with the ability to login to the office system without the need for any specialist equipment other than a headset and take calls as though we were in an office. With the advancement in mobile technology this flexibility can be extended to these devices.

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