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Over the past few months we've been out on the road at business expos where we have had a focus on one of our newest additions to our product portfolio : AONIXworkplace (or AWP). So, it was about time we sat down, put pen to paper and wrote a little bit about to let you know more about what AWP does and why it can work for you.

The best way to describe what AWP does is to tell you that it is a cloud storage system (similar to a number of products you are most certainly acquainted with) but 'on steroids'. Unlike these cloud storage systems AWP is an Enterprise File Sync and Share solution (EFSS) and is commonly referred to as simply FSS. AWP allows you as a business to become more productive on the move, more collaborative and most importantly, more secure.


AWP allows you to access your business files wherever you are whether you are connected to the internet or not. If you are working in your office or from a site with an internet connection, you can instantly access any document stored within the cloud and pull it down to your device within seconds. But unlike other services, AWP provides you with the option to selectively sync documents down to your device. In other words, instead of keeping gigabytes of documents that aren't relevant to current projects or appointments on your device just sync the files or folders you are working on and they will be accessible offline.

No matter what device you have at hand, gain access to your documents. As you would expect, we have a desktop plug in that connects your PC or Mac to the cloud service allowing you to work on documents and have updates instantly replicate back up to the cloud. We also provide an iOS and Android application that allows you to do this too. We even have a native document editor to allow you or your employees to edit their documents on their mobiles or tablets.

Create files, images & videos within the mobile app and sync them instantly. With the in built document editor you also have the option to create documents, spreadsheets and slideshows within the application, sync them to the cloud and access them from your desktop for editing or publishing at a later date. On top of this, you can use the application to scan to document (create a pdf scan of a physical document using the devices native camera), take site photographs and even HD videos and upload them to the cloud via your mobile or WiFi connection.


Keep your team productive by ensuring everyone has the most up to date business data and files. Whenever you make changes to a document within a shared folder, every member of that group will instantly have access to the new version of the document. Meaning that the days of team members working from out of date data can be a thing of the past. If you work from daily exports from a SQL database, have the query save the export to a shared folder and violas, your employees will be ready to work from the data when they arrive at the office.

Co-author documents using live collaboration features. When opening a document you have the option lock it meaning you are the only user allowed to edit it at that time. On the other hand, you can leave access as open and allow multiple users to pull through the latest version and edit it collaboratively* (*this feature requires a compatible version of MS Office). This give you the option to have two specialists edit their own part of a paper at the same time and reduce lost time combining two documents etc.

Collaborate with clients and suppliers.

Allow your clients or suppliers to access proposals, POs or any other document or image via a simple link. Just set your document or folder as public and choose your options, send the link and hey presto they can see exactly what you want them to see without large documents getting blocked by spam filters or clogging up mail servers. What are the options I said you can apply?

  • Allow them to download the document or only view it in the browser.

  • The internal PDF converter can ensure that they can only access a PDF version of the document.

  • Password protect the link.

  • Apply an expiry date and time.

  • Limit the number of times the document can be accessed before the link becomes inactive.


Control how and with whom your business data is shared.

When you set up the system you have the option to add each user into a variety of groups with permissions according to your own design. Allow the accounts team to access and edit sensitive information such as contracts but keep them away from sales proposals whilst giving them read only access internal corporate folders. Access permissions can be applied at a folder or file level and can even control whether the user can provide public access or re-share to other internal team members.

Reduce the need for additional onsite storage and the risk of physical data breaches.

Your data is hosted on European servers meaning that it doesn't get transferred across the Atlantic and stored in Californian data centers. Our data centers are Tier 3, geo-redundant data centers providing you with 99.982% SLAS and peace of mind knowing that your data is under 24hr surveillance.

Restore business files and device backups easily and quickly following a ransomware attack.

Not only will AWP ensure that your documents are stored securely in the clouds your employees can use their personal data allocation to backup particular folders or even their whole device (storage permitting) to the cloud. Following a ransomware attack, it is as simple as logging into the web portal and restoring the folders to your clean desktop at the click of a button.

If you want to find out more about the product why not have a look at some of our documentation here. Or you can get a hands 14 day, no obligation free trial by clicking here.

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