Can you function without your office?

Most businesses are used to their employees travelling each day to and from the office. Its seen in the majority of cases as the norm, the computers are all there, the phones are all ready to use, the servers sat waiting to be accessed and the coffee machine is at hand.

So what would you do if you cant open the office?

An example of this has happened today, the unexpected closure of a large section of Birmingham due to an unexploded WWII bomb. With massive traffic delays and businesses forced to close due to the incident how did they carry on working? The answer for many is simple, they didn't.

This isn't the 1st time we have seen unexpected closures or evacuations in mass with hours, days and even worse weeks lost and that's before we even look into how many businesses cant open due to natural disasters like flooding or when the power fails or when snow hits.

One of the biggest incidents took place in 2004 when a fire hit Manchester through a BT tunnel. This had a server impact for weeks on large businesses and devastated some small to medium size companies that we cut off from their customers, new customer and the world as they all relied in the traditional fixed line infrastructure, that was some 13 years ago now and we have moved on dramatically. Even more so today that connectivity is a key driver to any businesses success and growth but still so may make that reliance on an old, outdated inflexible network.

Businesses are so reliant on the fixed infrastructure within the offices to trade, but often its the last thing a business looks at with the attitude 'if its working why fix it' and with the mass use of the internet any new trade that could come your way could be missed. Google is indiscriminate and the generation we now live in a potential customer who cant reach you will move to next company to offer that service loosing you a new contract or sale and hundreds or even thousands of pounds in missed business.

So whats the solution?

Time to look into upgrading and move away from the traditional? Technology has moved on so much in the past 5 years, and has created a more flexible mobile way a business can operate. Phone systems like Avaya IP Office can be moved and plugged into anywhere with an internet connection while still keeping your office numbers. Mobiles can now be linked up to the phone systems like One X allowing you to take business line calls on a mobile via 4G, 3G and WIFI so a mobile phone becomes your business lifeline. With the development of a SIP connection via a data line this has made any relocation of a business one of ease. Disaster recover centres can be used, where you can just walk into another location and set up a temporary office with all the infrastructure already there so you don't miss a call or email. Cloud based software which can be used anywhere like Office 365, a file sync and share online or even virtual desktops can maintain that ability to work anywhere.

Aonix Limited have the ability to support you with your disaster management, Get In Touch for more details and solutions

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