Dont be afraid of video conferencing

Some time ago, video calling or conferencing was a luxury and required expensive and (then) complex equipment and expertise. Today, you literally carry it in your pocket. You can participate in and host video conferencing sessions on your smartphone and mobile device as well as on your computer with basic hardware and adequate Internet connectivity.

With employees on the go and stationed in different locations, it's important to provide a solution to keep everyone in the loop and business moving forward.

6 reasons why video conferencing is a must solution for businesses today:

1. Connectivity

Data connectivity into our businesses, homes and out and about has dramatically grown

at such a rate that what seemed rapid a year ago is now considered inadequate. The increase in bandwidths and more important the stability of these connections has created the ideal formula to make video a stable way to do business around the world.

2. Usability Early devices may have boasted a feature set similar to that of today, but they did fall down in the user experience department. Placing a call meant setting up the system, dialing numbers and pressing the right buttons in the correct order to make the thing work. Nowadays, the makers of all video conferencing systems have come to understand that the best connections are the ones that involve minimum user effort. In fact, this has gone so far that some room-to-room systems now recognise when a person enters the room and switch on and sets itself up ready for that call without anyone even having to touch the screen.

3. Remote Working

Many businesses are opting to have more remote and home workers, lowering costs for buildings, energy and resources while also accommodating the new incoming workforce who demand that type of flexibility. Video conferencing enables that workforce to stay connected to colleagues and customers while working from the comfort of their home.

4. Increase Productivity

Eliminating the need for meetings to be set up, planned meticulously and transport to be arranged will not only save the business money on overheads, travel etc. but this will also enable increased productivity amongst the workforce. Not only are they saving on time away from the office, but the actual meetings themselves will become much more efficient, owing for a greater attendance, faster information share and limited delays due to travel arrangements and other unforeseen circumstances that can arise when organising meetings.Productivity will also be improved through the ability to organise pitches and presentations to external clients with ease, ensuring that relevant parties are available to provide their input to the situation to give you the best opportunity to secure new business.

5. Flexible

It can be difficult to hold an impromptu meeting when the people you need to meet with are not local. Web conferencing provides more flexibility. Typically, you send an email invitation or pick up the phone to alert attendees of the web conference. Within minutes, attendees can log into the web conference system and the meeting starts.

6. Saving Money

Travel costs are becoming increasingly prohibitive. With a video link, however, you can maintain quality relationships with clients and stay in touch with colleagues on a regular basis. Yes, there are initial upfront costs, but return on investment is usually swift. This way, you can save your travel budget for a few high profile, important face-to-face dates each year.In addition to cost-savings, taking meetings online can also help reduce your firm’s carbon footprint.

Ten years ago video conferencing was seen as a luxury, ten years from now it is likely to be the fabric of all communication. The cost has tumbled and the supporting infrastructure is now in place to get your people collaborating face-to-face.

Start collaborating

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