Paying too much for your Business Energy?

A 2015 investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority revealed that around 40% of businesses haven't switched in the past five years, and 39% have never switched, so many could be massively overpaying.

Within the last month we compared one small business on Gravelly Industrial Park, Birmingham and saved them on average £1875 a year on their Gas and Electricity costs

How much can I save? Depending on the size or nature of your business, the savings can be huge. Some are able to take £1,000s off energy bills by switching

How do I compare prices? Always get a breakdown of unit rates and any standing charges (the cost of having an energy supply). This'll make it easy to compare what you're being offered something Aonix Limited will supply fully to any business from all the major and some of the not so well know energy providers

How do I get the best price? As brokers we do the leg work. We will check your usage, your spend and any forecast changes and go to all the major and some of the not so well know providers collate their costs with savings or increases associated and present all the offerings

Can I get a fixed tariff? Yes, its generally the norm to get fixed rates to have a more predictable spend. Typically you can get a one, two, three or four-year fix, but it varies by supplier. Generally speaking longer fixed terms are more expensive, but they protect against future price rises.

Can I go for a dual fuel tariff? No you can't. Unlike with domestic energy, you don't get business energy tariffs covering both gas and electricity, so you'll have to get separate quotes

Will I always save money? Not everyone that renews their energy saves money as you may be leaving a long term fixed deal, if your rates were fixed 4 years ago they will more than likely be at lower rates than today's rates as we all are too aware of energy prices very rarely go down and mostly go up. What we can do is ensure a true picture from all our providers and present the best 'today' options to you to get the best deal in today's market.

What if I do nothing? Main energy providers are the only winners here as often they will charge up to 80% more for gas and electricity once you go out of contract so its certainly in your interest to manage this or get a Broker like us to manage it for you so you never end up in this situation.

What more details Get In Touch and we will be happy to help

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