Study reveals texts to parents can boost maths test grades

According to an article on the BBC website, sending text message reminders for tests and homework can boost secondary school pupil’s maths grades, as much as the equivalent of an extra month of tuition.

In a study funded by the Education Endowment Foundation and compiled by Queen’s University Belfast, it was found that low cost text messaging helped to increase Maths attainment and reduce absenteeism. The study, which involved 15,697 year seven, eight and nine pupils from thirty-six schools across England, used text messages to send one reminder a week to parents in only half of the schools.

In all, thirty messages were sent to parents over the year. The messages included dates of upcoming tests and warnings about missed homework. Some messages also included details about what the children had learned, which helps to prompt conversations at home about school.

The University found that the text messages had a positive impact particularly on absenteeism and maths grades. Speaking to the BBC, the EEF chief executive Sir Kevan Collins said:

‘simple and cheap’ programme could be ‘a better bet for schools’ than persuading parents to attend school-run parenting classes, particularly at secondary school.

5 ideas for school text messages to parents

As this study proves simple, low-cost text messaging is an easy way to reach parents and pupils, with delivery direct to their phones.

1. Text messages for school events – encourage attendance and participation at school events by sending information out by text. Once people have signed up, send booking confirmations or event reminders to make sure that your students get the most out of their school experience.

2. School closure alerts – text messages can be used to send alerts about a school closure. Snow in January 2013 closed more than 5,000 schools across the UK. In more recent times flooding and poor weather mean that text message can send instant closure alerts to parent and staff. Our platform guarantees that your message will be delivered within 5 seconds, and research shows that over 97.5% of texts are opened within 5 seconds of being received.

3. Fees and payment reminders – text messages can be used as payment reminders for school fees, lunches, after school clubs and for trip.

4. Integrate with school software – An integration with your existing school management software is easier than you think – our simple API gateway can connect Messenger to a huge range of platforms, allowing you to send messages without ever opening our website. It’s so successful, countless schools in Northern Ireland are already benefiting thanks to our integration with the C2K Project.

5. Get alerts from parents – Aonix Limited's online SMS platform can receive text messages from parents to inform a school if a pupil has a doctors appointment or an absence. A parent can text their child’s name and reason to a keyword on a short-code number such as: “Text SelwoodSchool on 60777” or text a dedicated number to let the school know about an absence.

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