Blackberry is set to come back to market

The classic style Blackberry with its well known keyboard is set to be seen on the market soon but with a key twist, its powered by Android.

The device unveiling was seen at the start of the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona on the 25th February .

The new BlackBerry phone is the third in a trilogy of new releases, following the previous DTEK50 and DTEK60 devices, all made in partnership with TCL.

In classic BlackBerry fashion, the device will also sport a physical QWERTY keyboard, allowing you to type out messages and emails. The keyboard will also let users touch-scroll across the keys to interact with icons on the display. This also means you can swipe along the keyboard to scroll through web pages or emails, saving time from constantly switching between the two inputs.

BlackBerry will never set the trends in smartphones but those die hard fans and traditional business users after smart phones with an easy to use keyboard may certainly think twice.

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