Payment Assist

PaymentAssist delivers simple, secure payment processing to protect your reputation, reduce cost, and improve customer experience.

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PaymentAssist helps organisations to save money and improve customer engagement through payment automation. PaymentAssist is a cloud-based IVR payment service that simplifies PCI DSS compliance by de-scoping the office environment from sensitive card data. By collecting card information in a secure environment, the risk of brand-damaging data breaches associated with agent involvement is eliminated.

AgentAssist is an agent assisted option that enables front-line staff to remain connected and help callers throughout the payment process. SelfAssist offers a fully automated 24/7 service that reduces the cost of payment collection and frees up staff to deliver an exceptional customer experience.

A secure card payment
system that keeps agents
and customers connected.

AgentAssist helps organisations to protect reputation whilst meeting the demands of PCI DSS compliance. When a customer needs to make a payment, the card details are collected in a secure environment away from the office environment.
The suppression of DTMF tones ensures the agent cannot identify card details. PCI DSS compliance is simplified, call recording continues uninterrupted, and agents can remain connected throughout to provide support.

  • Multiple agent logins and concurrent licensing

  • Agents remain connected and able to assist throughout

  • No need to pause/resume call recording

  • Agent has a real-time screen view of payment progress

  • Works with any call centre environment

  • Integrates with major payment service providers

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Fully-automated payment system,
available to your customers 24/7

SelfAssist is a fully automated, self-service payment IVR service hosted in a secure UK data centre. This option reduces the cost of routine payment collection, offers a convenient 24/7 payment facility and frees up front line staff to focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience

  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • Fully automated PCI DSS Level 1 compliant v3.2

  • Hosted in a secure UK data centre - no site installation

  • Fully bespoke and branded to your organisation

  • Multi-lingual and multi-currency support

  • Integrates with major payment service providers