Office Moves

Your infrastructure is the lifeblood of your company. Most businesses can't afford to have even a few hours of downtime.

An Office Move is the perfect time to upgrade your supplier deals and technology. Aonix Limited help to ease the pain by working with clients well before any move to ensure you have the right set up, your future proof, the business gets what it requires to operate, its well planned and that the new premises have all the correct infrastructure.

Key things

  • What telecoms will I need now and in the future?

  • Which telecom provider will work in the new location?

  • What services do they provide?

  • Is my potential office space equipped for service?

  • Will our mobile coverage be good enough?

  • Can I keep our office numbers?

  • What speed is the internet connection?

  • Sort a Gas and Electricity supplier

One in four small firms – around 290,000 companies have poor broadband because of location


  • How old is the PBX in the new premises?

  • Is the infrastructure ready for us to move into or are more connections and cabling needed?

  • Do I need to update my current hardware?

  • Do I need to update the company literature to reflect a new address?

  • How are we moving our IT to the new location?

  • How are you marketing the move?

  • Don’t forget to tell everyone!

Are you ready for your office move?

Did you Know?​

If you move premises your no longer in any contract with your old building supplier for your energy and will start to pay out of contract costs for your supply in the new building straight away allowing us to move you to a new more cost effective solution immediately.

Let our dedicated in-house engineering team support your IT and telecoms move ​while providing new and improved solutions;


Allows you to retain your current number no matter what location you move



We can cover your data needs from traditional broadband, fibre to the cabinet, dedicated lease line or remote location broadband ensuring the right set up from day one.


Hosted Telephony 

A move of office can offer the best timing and opportunity to refresh your current technology to one of our latest cutting-edge systems future proofing you in your new location.



From virtual numbers for any area code in the UK to 08 and 03 numbers we are able to offer the complete business package.