Because we understand that not every business is the same we offer a complete range of plans

  • Unlimited standard UK calls

  • Great data options with 4G

  • 30 day rolling plans available

  • SIM Only plans

  • Group Sharers

  • Single User


We are able to focus on you and your communication needs.

Can your Business Mobile Plan do all this?

3 Networks to choose from but only one bill!

Why spend hours looking around to get the best price, best coverage and best plan when you can do it in one place.
Aonix Limited have the ability to offer plans from the 3 main UK networks, but even better it's all on one bill. Why not have halve your business on Vodafone and half on O2, or 3 on EE, 2 on O2 and 5 on Vodafone. It doesn't matter anymore with our pick and mix plans.
Get the right plan for the business and individual, the right coverage, the right data, the right roaming and the right solution but keep your admin time down to one bill.

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Change network whenever you need to.

At Aonix Limited we understand things change and that's why we are flexible. People move, businesses relocate, network service alters so we adjust to meet your demands. We will migrate you to another network, free of charge, even if your mid-way through your contact and best of all your end date will remain the same.   

No more "Please hold your call is important to us".

When we say you deal direct we mean you deal direct. No more waiting in line to speak to a call centre the other side of the world, no more it's not us its them you need to speak to, no more let me transfer you. 
Aonix Limited have a dedicated service team, who are all based in the UK and all directly employed by Aonix Limited. You will have a desk-based Account Manager and a field based Account Manager no matter what the size of your account.

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Need to change your plan? No problem.

Need more data next month? Want to move to unlimited minutes? Seen something better for you we offer? Still in contract? No problem at all. We can migrate your plan at any point of your contract to another as and when you need to and best of all the swap service is free. 

Want to self-manage your account? Sure why not.

Our portal allows you to self-manage from adding or removing bars, checking usage, obtaining analysis and downloading your monthly bills. Don't be stuck in the dark until that mobile bill arrives; as we can help.

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Data On The Move

Aonix Limited offers a wide range of mobile broadband tariffs across our 3 major network partners, giving you the flexibility to choose a sim only to insert straight into your device, a USB dongle or ‘MI-FI’ router

  • Great for temporary or Pop up offices

  • Disaster recovery

  • Offering high speed 4G

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Take Control Of Your Mobiles

Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows administration of mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablet computers, laptops and desktop computers. 

  • Allow mobile devices on the corporate infrastructure;

  • Encourage more productivity by empowering employees to work anytime and anyplace;

  • Deliver email, calendar and contacts to smartphones and tablets;

  • Securely manage data on mobile devices; and provide a conduit for virtual private network (VPN) connections and Remote Desktop