Device Management

Quick and easy management of all mobile devices across
your organisation through one single interface

Asset management

  • Track your mobile assets within one user interface

  • Over 30 attributes of information including IMEI code, OS, installed applications and the network configurations

Configuration management

  • Configure settings of all your mobile assets and distribute these remotely to all managed devices across your entire Mobile estate

  • Ability to configure all devices’ email settings, WLAN/WiFi and other platform specific configurations

Security management

  • Give your mobile administrators the ability to configure and enforce security policy settings

  • Remotely lock, reset or wipe your managed mobile devices

  • Gather information about usage restrictions on certain applications & websites

Installations management

  • View a list of installed applications on all devices at a click of a button

  • Remotely install/uninstall applications and install packages on the managed device

  • All resources are provided to the managed devices securely, via HTTPS protocol

Enrolment methods

  • Support of a wide range of enrolment methods

  • Enrolment URL delivered by SMS & Email

  • Devices can be enrolled using USB, Memory card or Google Play for initial installation

Client Features

  • Minimum user distraction

  • Silent background applications that run ‘behind the scenes’

  • Zero footprint and minimal resource required

  • Devices use HTTPS protocol to connect with management server to provide security through encryption