We strongly believe our unique approach and the level of detail uncovered, delivers the maximum results in all stages. We don’t just focus on basic print data, we truly understand a client’s business processes and flow of documents to deliver a true managed print solution.

Managed Print Services (MPS) is a must for all businesses that want the best performance and the best value from their document output. MPS can offer;


  • Up to 30% saving on print costs – With some simple adjustments to the way you print you have the potential to lower toner, paper and maintenance costs.

  • Improvement on performance – with a fully maintained device and appropriate printing where you need it, when you need it.

  • Direct control – detailed management information on who is printing, what is being printed, the budget controls and the security systems that put you in charge.

Assessment Stages

Step 1Assess – Our print team can save up to 20% in print costs during the assessment stage alone, by gaining a deep understanding of business needs, challenges and overall working environment. Leveraging this information, a clearly defined IT strategy is designed to increase efficiency and reduce costs.

  • Current Situation

  • Which machines stay?

  • Accessibility

  • Fleet ‘right-sizing’

  • Device Standardisation

  • ‘Voice of the User’

  • 'Voice of the Process’

Step 2Control – Our team help businesses ‘Print for Less’, driving down associated costs, and ‘Print Less’, using bespoke document management solutions. Businesses can expect to make further savings of around 10% by implementing specialist software to allow tighter cost control, security and document visibility.


  • Security Policies

  • Environmental Policies

  • User Policies

  • Pull Printing

  • Billing & Contract Management

  • Firmware Management

  • Job Accounting

  • Fleet Management Software

  • Mobile Printing

Step 3Optimise – Automation of processes – During the contract term our team will focus on improving and streamlining core business processes and document workflows. We ensure that clients achieve maximum savings and efficiencies in all areas of document management. The Optimisation stage helps clients achieve further cost savings in excess of 10%.

  • Input & Capture – How are documents created?

  • Scan/OCR

  • Identify

  • Extract

  • Manage – How are documents shared?

  • Workflows

  • Sharing

  • Processes

  • Archive – How are documents stored?

  • EDM

  • Review process

  • Access

Managed Print Services