Leased Line

Speed and reliability for a businesses future


If your organisation needs connectivity to support business critical data and applications, it’s important to find a solution that works for you, and a leased line connection is often part of that.

There are many different business applications, services and processes that rely on good high-speed connection, from email, e-commerce, supporting remote and mobile workers, conference calling, streaming and browsing. Companies also looking to update their telephony to an IP based hosted system, a robust and reliable connection is essential. Our Leased Line service ensure that your business gets the connectivity it needs.

Key benefits of a Leased Line with Aonix Limited

  • UK in house support teams

  • High-capacity and flexible connectivity

  • Geographically-resilient network

  • Dedicated and uncontended bandwidth

  • Highly reliable connections

  • Specialist products

  • 24/7 monitoring

  • Symmetric speeds

  • Service level agreements

  • Fully managed

  • Maximise productivity

How does a Leased Line work?

Office Tower
Office Tower
Blue Cloud



10Mbps - 10Gbps

Dedicated Circuit

White Cloud


Key Leased Line Features


With shared Internet connections such as ADSL broadband or FTTC there are peaks and troughs in terms of bandwidth every day. The business may notice if they are located in a residential area, or as the school day ends that the Internet seems ‘slower’. The higher the ratio, the more likely that your connection will be affected and ‘slowed down’ at peak times.

The bandwidth agreed will be unshared with anyone else, this is known as 1:1 contention ratio. This means that a guarantee a fixed speed or bandwidth, regardless of the time of day.

The uncontended, low latency service provided by our network makes this the ideal connectivity for cloud-based services

Symmetrical speeds

In simple terms this means whatever speed of connection your business requires it will be the same for both uploading and downloading. As businesses move more and more to the cloud for storage, opt for remote access or rely on online tools the upload becomes just as important as the download connectivity. Common activities needing a good symmetrical speed are:

  • Online backups

  • Virtual desktops

  • Video conferencing

  • IP hosted telephony

  • Large file uploading

  • Hosted applications such as office


A leased line connection is solely used for your data and not shared. The dedication of the line provides a business with better data security as its traveling through private routes and not on a public route while also maintaining a good solid connection.
As leased lines are dedicated this has the added advantage of being adjusted at any given time. Often the leased lines installed have capabilities of up to 100Mbps but can be anything up to 10Gbps.
If you only require 10Mbps from a 100Mbps cable the rest of the capability stays dormant until you request an upgrade to a faster speed, this makes the speed increase quick and easy and much less costly as no extra cables are needed.


Leased line connections have around 99.99% uptime and as with any physical connection sometime things can go wrong. If your business is dependent on connection to internet, then it is vulnerable if this connection is lost.

When access is so fundamental to your business, you need more than just an Internet connection, a resilient leased line provides a solution where there is no single point of failure. This can be done by incorporating secondary lines from different providers, routes and entry points to increase diversity.