Hosted Telephony

Staying in touch no matter where you are

Aonix Limited offers businesses a scalable, flexible and future-proof advanced hosted cloud based Telephony Solution. Businesses can now take control on the way they communicate irrespective of location across multiple devices.

We give businesses advanced feature, lower running costs all in simple 3 straight forward packages;


Business Silver Plan

Business Gold Plan

Business Platinum Plan

Be more productive and collaborative

Be ready to grow your business

 Flexible and mobile 

Be prepared for Disaster

Embrace Unified Communications

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Businesses of all shapes and sizes

Super reliable

Move from Cap-ex to Op-ex

Businesses of all shapes and sizes

Be more in control of your communications

Cloud telephony is now the standard for business telephony across all sectors due to lower running costs and an advance feature set that would not be available via an on premise PBX solution.

​Why Unified Communications;

  • The rise of mobile devices - and bring you own device (BYOD) allowing you to work on the go our Unified Communications solution means you will never miss a call or be out of reach.

  • Single client access - can offer end users the same features and experience across all devices to boost productivity and ensure customers can always reach you.

  • Fast deployment -  using market leading devices we can build a fully tailored solution to meet the needs of your business no matter what the size.

  • Seamlessly link - for multiple sites or users into a single, consolidated platform to enable your organisation maximise its communications.

Unified Comminucatios

What is Hosted Telephony?

Put simply, Hosted Telephony is a Telephone System that lives in a Data Centre hosted within the Cloud. Calls are made as usual via IP handsets and delivered over a broadband connection to the ISP network- from there they get routed out as necessary.

It's really not much different than a traditional phone system, its just that the box is in the cloud instead of in your building. Then instead of using ISDN telephone lines (which are being phased out), you use a single Fibre or Broadband line to run all your virtual telephone lines.


Mobile, flexible, reliable, secure and fully integrated
The future is Cloud-Shaped

Organisations are using multiple cloud models to meet their business’s needs, including private (62%), public (60%), and hybrid (26%).  The tide is turning towards moving communications services off-site and hosting them where they are accessible to the entire organisation, using any device, at any time, wherever they are.

The Connection

The connection is key to the cloud system working. Ensuring resilience and enough bandwidth are important. We recommend a dedicated VOIP fibre or broadband line to run your telephone connections through, these are specially designed to run this service to ensure your telephones stay up and running, although a small company can use their existing fibre to run their phone system on.

We can provide the connection as well as the phone system, so you can be assured you have the right quality of connection.

You need approximately 1-2MB per concurrent call on your ADSL/Fibre line. So if you only have 1MB ADSL broadband in your area, you would not be able to use a cloud telephone system. If you have 80MB fibre, you would be able to take up to 80 concurrent calls.

Aonix Cloud Phone System Features

Aonix hosted phone system will provide you with everything you need to run an efficient business and will give you some great marketing features that will really enhance your brand. All features can be accessed and updated by the central user interface.

You can find out more about the many features including call parking, call transferring, hot-desk abilities, call notify by email, music on hold, a single business phone number, call recording, security and fraud prevention, wallboards and much more.

Hosted Call Centre Solution



Our solution isn't reliant on a particular manufacturer and can be connected through easy-to-use desktop clients or softphones. We are able to discuss a full range of hardware, features and benefits during our consultation. 


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Customers are becoming more critical and expect to be helped quickly and effectively. Whether you have 200 contact centre agents or three staff in a small office, availability is crucial to your service. Our Solution is not only a full-fledged telephony platform, but also offers very extensive functions for the customer service environments. These include the power to change how your calls route and to who depending your operation. This way, hosted telephony makes having a professional customer contact centre a possible no matter what size your team is.

In addition to being a comprehensive telephony platform, our solution has the right tools to also meet the specific wishes and requirements of a call centre. Every company with a customer contact centre can easily expand the configuration with contact centre functionality. For example, agents can easily log in and out of queues from their desk phone, desktop client and even the mobile app. Calls can be recorded, and managers can easily access and listen in on calls for quality improvements. On top of this the solution has clear and organised wallboards for monitoring incoming and outgoing call traffic and an extensive reporting system. This makes Aonix Hosted the contact centre platform of choice no matter what your size, function or industry.