Data Analytics

Data you already produce could tell you more about existing customers, potential customers and inform you how to run your business efficiently.

Data is growing at such a rate that by 2020 we will see 1.7 Mb produced every second for every individual human.

Source : Forbes

Most companies now produce huge amounts of data on a daily basis and decision makers expect to have robust data analytics to allow them to make decisions quickly. It is important to ensure the right capabilities are in place to allow your organisation to move quickly.

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We offer :

  • CRM Management

  • Web Statistics

  • Marketing ROI

  • Reporting

  • Market Insight Analytics

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Data of all types can come from a wide variety of sources.


Whether you need to look at call statistics and financial figures to marketing performance and stock, Aonix Limited has the skills and systems to help you discover your data, understand your business and make informed decisions.