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Our powerful cloud based bulk SMS platform allows you to send text messages to your customers quickly and easily.

No other marketing channel can boast 98% open rates. So whether your business is established or completely new, you can enjoy substantial growth and improve customer satisfaction with text messaging. Send out delivery notifications, surveys, personalised vouchers and engaging competitions, directly to a customer’s smartphone. How will you use SMS?

If you are a small business looking to send 20 appointment reminders, or a FTSE100 company scheduling a 1,000,000 bulk text message promotional campaign, our platform will provide you with the necessary technology and support.

Instant, effective communication

With better open rates than social media, email and direct mail – your message, promotion, reminder or alert will be read within minutes.

Improve customer satisfaction

Respect your customer’s time and keep them in the loop about an order, delivery or discount with well-timed text messages.

SMS is personalised and targeted

Mail merge customer details into messages, tailor promotions and create personalised rewards.

Effective low cost marketing

More than 90% of text messages are opened and read within three minutes, with an average response rate of 32%.

Send Texts Online

A powerful cloud based bulk SMS platform allows you to send text messages quickly and easily.


Receive Text Message

There are 2 ways to receive text messages online. The first is with shortcodes. The second is through dedicated numbers

Delivery Report

After sending out your bulk SMS campaign view a breakdown of delivery statuses.

URL Tracking

Send out links via SMS and track who opens them and the number of times they are accessed.

Email to SMS

Send SMS text messages from any email client to any UK mobile number in seconds.

Sender ID

Our SMS service allows the you to enter a maximum 11 alphanumeric characters in the Sender ID field, this can be a great way to develop brand identity in your campaigns.

Make mobile friendly landing pages with Aonix-SMS

Mobile web pages make your SMS more attractive and engaging, and can contain much more information than traditional SMS. There are no character limitations in mobile web pages so you can send longer, more detailed messages at no extra cost.


Using the platform you can easily add your logos, colours, images and wording to your mobile web page. This helps you maintain your brand in your SMS, keeping it consistent with your other channels and delivering a more unified experience to your customers.

Mobile web pages built in your Aonix-SMS account are specifically designed for the small screens of mobile phones. This means you can design and build your page in confidence, knowing that they will render correctly on mobile devices. The useful preview function in our online platform allows you to see how your mobile web page will render in both Android and iOS phones.

Mobile Surveys

With your account you can create multi-page forms and surveys, asking any type of questions you need, to send as a clickable link in a text message.

Data collection fields such as tick boxes and radio buttons can be used for market research, while the star rating function provides a simple way for immediate customer or employee feedback. Your customers could also use the time and date pickers to make bookings and appointments whilst they’re on the move.

SMS surveys are an affordable and convenient way to reach your customers, with a proven high response rate. The reporting functions in our online platform allows you to view and export your results, so your data is always accessible. You don’t need any developer skills to create them, simply configure your survey within our online platform.

  • Use radio buttons, time and date capture, free text fields and more to shape your survey.

  • Add images and logos to increase customer confidence and engagement. Also, personalise surveys and forms with recipient information.

  • Comprehensive reporting of results, including time, date and geo-location of response, and device information.

  • Set start and end times along with expiration messages.

Create tickets, vouchers and loyalty cards with mobile wallet

Send unique, personalised coupons to customers via SMS. Integrate with Passbook, redeem in your own systems and track how your customers respond

Create mobile events tickets


Manage event entry, monitor attendance or use mobile tickets to validate any user-specific action. Each mobile ticket contains a unique code, bar code or QR code, with once-only redemption to manage customer activity.

Codes are unique and can only be redeemed once, making them ideal for sending as one-time passwords, and also lowering the likelihood of fraud and redistribution.

Mobile vouchers

Use SMS vouchers to distribute generic offers and track uptake at an individual level. Increase footfall in quiet periods by sending daily offers, or encourage lapsed customers to return with tailored incentives. Vouchers in response to inbound SMS, are a powerful way to attract new customers and capture their details for on-going communications.

Mobile reward card

Track and reward multiple actions or purchases with SMS loyalty cards. Offer the fifth coffee free, or extend a discount after multiple visits to encourage repeat custom. SMS loyalty cards are always in the customers’ pockets, replacing paper and plastic alternatives.


  • Instant marketing

  • Loyalty cards

  • Voucher codes

  • Sharing useful information

  • Surveys

  • Promote new items

  • Personalise


  • Emergency updates

  • Updates on the go

  • Newsletters

  • Feedback 

  • Deadline reminders

  • Automatic text sends


  • Booking confirmations

  • Send out your food menus

  • Messages to Previous Customers

  • Special Offers for VIPs and Loyal Customers

  • Partner with an Attraction

Estate Agents

  • Confirm appointments

  • Communicate with the house-hunters 

  • New property distribution

  • Potential house-buyers can request information

Travel & Tourism

  • Real-time alerts

  • Simple tickets

  • Easy feedback

  • Customise offers

  • Entise new customers

  • Remote tour guide

  • Retail clients

Health & Beauty

  • Fill quiet times

  • Become 'Google'

  • Take bookings

  • Reward customers

  • Multi branch management

  • Instant feedback

  • Manage on the go

Health Care

  • Never miss an appointment

  • Be in charge

  • Feedback in minutes

  • Send out alearts

  • Keep patients informed

  • Greater outreach

Restaurants &


  • Know your customers

  • Send menus

  • Run campaigns

  • Attrach new base

  • Use short codes

  • Send order confirmations