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We are proud to be a sponsor of

Brockswood Animal Sanctuary

A companywide initiative has seen the business affiliate with the Brockswood Animal Sanctuary in Sedgley, West-Midlands which provides a safe haven for sick, injured and unwanted animals.
Each member of staff has sponsored an animal and will participate in various volunteering projects. This will help the sanctuary continue their invaluable services and be a key attraction location for communities to visit and learn from.

Brockswood Animal Sanctuary rely on the kindness and generosity of others to offer happy, forever homes for rescued, unwanted animals. Donations also enable the Sanctuary to maintain and improve their site, as well as conservation of the land and wildlife.

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As a company, we love our community and want to do our part in contributing to the valuable work that charities and organisations such as Brockswood Animal Sanctuary deliver.
The staff at Brockswood do an amazing job in caring for and rehabilitating the animals 365 days a year, and we feel honoured to be able to help.

To find out more about a ‘little oasis in the Black Country’ and how you can also support this wonderful cause, please visit

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