Call Centre

Simple, Fast, and Smart Communications

Avaya has been at the forefront of the telecoms industry around the world for over 100 years, coupled with Aonix Limited Avaya Emerald Partnership experience of over 35 years we ensure a system fit for now and the future. The inventor of the Call Center is also the first to integrate Analog, Digital, Voip in all one system. Now Avaya delivered by BT has added their Hosted Cloud Solutions to the portfolio.

Avaya Cloud Solutions, delivered by BT Wholesale and Aonix Limited, is a new carrier-grade service. It enables your customers to leverage the full capabilities of the Avaya Aura® Contact Centre and Unified Communications propositions, delivered as a true cloud utility service. It offers you:

Robustness and reliability: delivered over BT Wholesale’s high-speed, high quality, managed Ethernet network (which allows us to provide you with service-credit backed guarantees).

  • Our solution enables you to harness our combined strengths without any capital investment.

With Avaya Cloud Solutions delivered by BT Wholesale, you can benefit from the combined reach and market share of both our companies, exploiting economies of scale, streamlined provisioning and configuration tools, based on a commercial model that will enable you to build innovative commercial deals for your customers.

The best of both worlds: BT Wholesale and Avaya. A cloud service that provides a clear route to growth and greater profitability.

Avaya Cloud Solutions provide a complete suite of collaboration and customer experience management solutions to help enterprises gain the benefits of cloud communications.

Voice and Video: Comprehensive SIP-based end user voice and video features facilitate effective communications among employees, customers and partners.

Presence: Provide rich presence and instant messaging capabilities across a wide range of business environments. Aggregate and publish presence from and to multiple sources and clients including third party applications.

​Messaging: Control your messaging environment. Manage texts, emails, voicemails and instant messages in one user-friendly format.

Full Range of Devices: Take advantage of a wide array of end user devices any place, any time. Existing Avaya desk phones, conference phones and a full range of soft clients are supported. Attendant console allows users to easily manage calls and work groups.

​Mobility: Extension to cellular capabilities provide ease of use and reachability across Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), helping to maximise productivity and time to action.

Contact Recording: Capture customer interactions across a wide range of channels. Reliably record all voice transactions across multiple sites, or randomly capture a subset of transactions that may be of particular interest to you.

Reporting: Monitor and analyse virtually everything in your contact center – from wait times to average answer speeds, to percent reduction over the past year in abandoned call times. Get real-time monitoring to make “on the fly” decisions and leverage historical data to develop.

Simple, intuitive agent desktop: Get a rich contact center agent desktop with advanced contact handling features, on demand access to customer information, and immediate access to experts. Give your agents — whether at your headquarters, local branch or home office — the tools to deliver superior customer service.