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Avaya Contact Center Select is a context-sensitive, multichannel contact solution that enables businesses to improve customer experiences; increase customer lifetime value and revenue; and anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions while improving agent efficiency to reduce cost. Every agent has inbound and outbound voice capabilities.

The blended multichannel capabilities of Avaya Contact Center Select intelligently route multichannel contacts (voice - inbound and outbound, email, web chat, SMS and fax) to the most appropriate resource. By creating a complete view of the customer and the context of their interaction, businesses and
organisations can proactively manage the customer experience in a way that consistently delivers a superior level of engagement.

Avaya Contact Center Select allows users to automatically dialout to customers, combines historical and real-time contextual customer information to help improve the quality of interactions, optimises agent utilisation and productivity, and enhances supervisor performance to deliver superior customer
experiences and drive sustainable business growth.

Among consumers, 68% say they expect the information they give an organisation in one place to be available in another—and 80% say agents should be instantly familiar with contact history. Now you can personalise your customers’ experiences by sharing details like customer history and screen pop data across contact channels.

Agent Efficiency

Unified Agent Desktop: The Agent Desktop interface makes it quick and easy for agents to interact with customers regardless of the communications channel. Agents use the Agent Desktop to manage inbound and outbound voice interactions, as well as email, web chat, text (SMS), and fax. The application can be configured to allow each agent to handle these interactions individually or  simultaneously. The single interface provides contact history and out-of-box screen pop functionality, which easily integrates the contact center into business systems.

Outbound Dialing: An integrated preview and progressive dialer enables businesses to utilise their agents for targeted telephone campaigns and programs that help increase upsell opportunities, find new customers, schedule sales appointments, lower accounts receivables and more, leading to higher customer engagement and profitability.

Avaya Contact Centre Select

Call Recording: The IP Office Recorder delivers the opportunity to record each agent-to-customer interaction to improve agent performance and avoid potential conflicts. Recorded calls are easily recovered with an intuitive supervisor interface, and are searchable by agent name, extension, calling number and more.


Agent Quality, Motivation and Performance: The ability to offer flexible, at-home teleworking arrangements empowers contact center managers to hire the best agents, motivate them, improve
performance and reduce agent turnover. Avaya Contact Center Select allows an agent with a laptop or PC and a home or mobile phone to manage customer interactions as if they were in the office.


Customer Self-service: By reducing the number and duration of live calls agents handle, businesses can dramatically improve agent and business efficiency.

Supervisor and Administrative Effectiveness

Simplified Administration: Common, web-based administration capabilities for contact center supervisors and managers help reduce configuration complexity, eliminate duplication, reduce errors and lower implementation time and cost.

Unified Reporting: Historical and realtime displays with dynamic filtering provide easy-to-read information on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), contact summaries and consolidated multichannel reports. This helps reduce the time spent analysing data and allows more time for coaching agents, helping improve both agent and supervisor productivity.

Scalability and Architecture

Resilience: Avaya Contact Center Select can be architected to help ensure business continuity during
unforeseen disruptions.

Flexible Deployment: Avaya Contact Center Select is appropriate for a wide range of deployments from a single site to up to 150 IP Office locations. It creates an environment where skills are utilised across the entire enterprise to create greater efficiency and allows businesses to draw from a wider talent pool.

Customer Satisfaction

Skills-based Routing: Reducing or eliminating transfers improves the customer experience and streamlines the customer journey. Avaya Contact
Center Select can route voice calls and multichannel transactions to the most appropriate resource based on
language, knowledge, past history
and availability. Alternative options
are offered should the first choice be
busy or unavailable.

Increased Access Options: Intelligent assignment of up to five multichannel contacts including voice, web chat,SMS text, email, and fax through anopen, universal queue offers customers numerous contact options.This multichannel capability helpsbusinesses and organizationspromote the concept of ‘always open-for-business,’ increasing customer options and ease of access.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences


Businesses that want to differentiate themselves in today’s highly competitive global market environment must be able to provide superior service and high quality customer interactions. Context is critical to experience management. Knowledge of a customer’s most recent activity, past history, purchase behavior, and preferences provides a wealth of meaningful information and a rich context for the interaction. Businesses that harness this context to deliver superior experiences differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Avaya Contact Center Select helps businesses and organisations:


  • Offer customers more communication channels to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Improve agent utilization and productivity through multiple contact handling

  • Use real-time and historical customer data to frame the appropriate context for each and every interaction to boost first contact resolution and revenue

  • Equip managers to administer the contact center, analyse performance through unified reporting, learn and apply bestpractices to continuously improve contact center operations

  • Manage the customer experience, both assisted and automated, to quickly resolve customer issues and increase profitable revenue  opportunities

  • Evolve from queuing and routing to resource selection and work assignment